Investment Strategy

Virtua Partners seeks to provide tax advantaged investments for individual real estate investors.  We purchase investment grade office and industrial properties with an emphasis on high quality tenants and steady returns.  We have a strict focus on cost control in all aspects of a transaction - acquisition (load), management, operating costs, and disposition.  We provide high levels of customer service to our tenants, which we believe enhances the long-term value of our properties.

Commercial Real Estate Funds

Our professionals have advised real estate funds with over $5,000,000,000 in assets under management.  We have taken these institutional experiences from Wall Street to the investors of Main Street.  Our funds have specific objectives, providing balance to an individual investor portfolio.  Whether your goal is steady income or capital growth, our funds opportunities .

Through the synergies of Virtua's relationships and affiliated funds, we provide flexible options for our clients in today’s turbulent investment real estate market.  By removing Wall Street’s middle men, aggressive loads and high fees, our clients benefit from lower costs.  Lower costs directly affect your bottom line investment returns.


Lloyd Kendall, Jr. – Principal

Lloyd is the Chairman and co-founder of Bay Commercial bank.  He is a lawyer and has practiced in the bay area since 1978, specializing in real estate and tax law.  His specialty is tax free exchanges and related matters.  Lloyd started his career at the Internal Revenue Service.  After leaving the IRS, Lloyd founded Lawyers Asset Management, Inc. acting as a "Qualified Intermediary" for tax free exchanges under §1031(a) of the Internal Revenue Code; in 2006, his company merged with Commercial Capital Bank.  Lloyd has overseen more than 30,000 individual 1031 transactions.  He served as tax counsel for several title companies and was the President of Equity Investment Exchange, Inc., a competitor owned by Mercury Title Companies of Colorado.  He has lectured extensively throughout the U.S. providing continuing education for Lawyers and Real Estate Professionals across the country.  Lloyd is the author of 1031 Exchange Concepts, a treatise on tax deferred investment strategies.

Quinn Palomino – Principal

Quinn Palomino is a Principal of Virtua Partners, LLC, Clear Vista Management, Versant Commercial Brokerage, Vantage Point Consulting, and serves as manager for the family of funds that Virtua Partners, LLC and its affiliates currently sponsor.  Her Asset Management portfolio consists of over 1.5MM square feet of commercial real estate nationwide.  Prior to her current roles within the fully-integrated real estate firms, Quinn was the Director of Business Development for a commercial real estate workout firm in San Diego, CA where she worked on more than $2B of TIC investments.  Quinn was also a a partner at a San Diego based construction and development firm, where she worked on development projects with government agencies, including the California Department of Parks and Recreation and the City of Pittsburg, California Redevelopment Agency.



Led by Lloyd Kendall, Jr. and Quinn Palomino, Virtua Partners offers and manages the highest quality commercial real estate investments across the country.  We tap our expansive expertise in property operations that maximize cash flow and utilize our deep relationships with our national credit tenants to increase our investors’ wealth through unparalleled investment performance and appreciation.

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